Capabilities / Optical systems

Optical systems

The devices manufactured by the Karat (Lanner-A, Sphere-02, TOI and others) incorporate high-technology optical-electronic devices that were developed by the engineers of our team. All of those devices can be subdivided into several categories:
  • television units;
  • infrared imaging units (infrared imagers);
  • laser range finding units (range finders).

A particular feature of the newly developed optical devices is their ability to work autonomously and in any combination. Beside that, they can be installed on a variety of platforms:
  • air-borne (airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aircrafts, balloons);
  • sea vessels (military and civil);
  • on-land observation complexes (motor vehicles and stationary platforms).

Having developed the optical devices, we can quickly update, modernize and modify them, as the customer requires.