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Sphere-02 is an autonomous gyrostabilizedoptical-electronic observation system. The turret of Sphere-02, is a device for installation on a ship's deck; it is designed for 24-hour and all-weather observation of shore, above-water and air space through television and infrared imaging channels.

The system provides the following capabilities:
  • measuring and outputting the angular orientation of the visor axis by relative bearing and elevation bearing relative to the basic axes of the ship's hull;
  • range finding for observed objects (video illustrating instrument operation );
  • automatic scanning with visor axis by relative bearing with different speeds;
  • automatic tracking of above-water and air mobile objects and keeping them on the visor axis (video illustrating instrument operation );
  • pointing visor axis by external target assignment (relative bearing and elevation angle).

Sphere-02 can be used for the following purposes:
  • detection of above-water and shore objects in day-time (video illustrating instrument operation ) and night-time (video illustrating instrument operation ) conditions;
  • supporting navigation and docking of ships in simple and difficult meteorological and navigational conditions, providing navigational and situational information for collision prevention;
  • monitoring operation of on-deck machinery and devices;
  • supporting search and rescue operations, environment monitoring;
  • forming and outputting target assignment during operation in the visor television column AU mode;
  • solving other special tasks sea patrolling, mine detection, monitoring and reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and counter-piracy protection.

Sphere-02 on the corvette Steregushij
Sphere-02 on the corvette Steregushij

Sphere-02 provides monitoring capability through television and infrared imaging cameras having various fields of view (video illustrating instrument operation ) and installed on a gyrostabilized platform. The system completely compensates for such factors negatively influencing image quality as vibration, pitching and rolling. The almost all-round view provided by the instrument is complemented by the digital filtration system for image quality improvement in adverse weather conditions (haze, fog, rain, dusk etc.) (video illustrating instrument operation ). A high-resolution TV camera provides the capability to detect small-size targets and identify object's parts at great distances.

The turret is air-tight so it can be used in a wide range of conditions. For critical applications, it can be equipped with special units keeping the required thermal regimes and ensuring reliable operation in the northern and humid climatic conditions. These units prevent icing and decrease the warming-up time under sub-zero emperatures of the ambient air.

Sphere-02 is a modular system and it can be supplied in various composition sets for particular purposes specified by the customer. Due to a user-friendly standard interface, the device is easily combined with other systems (radars, weapon control systems, monitoring systems etc.).

Basic specifications:
 Field of view
Field of view
a) by relative bearing
b) by elevation angle

160 angular degree
-20 +80 angular degree
Maximum turning rate of the visor line 60 angular degrees/s
Accurate stabilization and pointing of the visor angle towards the object not worse than 1 angular minute
RMS error of angle coordinates measuring no more than 1 angular minute
Consumed power from the mains ~27 V, 50 Hz (no options) 0.20.5 kW
Weight no more than 140 kg
Service life
a) warranty period
b) warranty operation time
15 years
5 years
6000 hours


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