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Modernized antenna post

Modernized antenna post

The modernized antenna post is designed for stabilization and 360-degree rotation of radar channel of Bagheera- (R-123-02/03-04) system.

Using a radar channel the shipboard fire control system Bagheera- performs scanning, detection and tracking of ground, surface and aerial targets to ranges up to 45 km.

The Karat modernized and produced antenna post is equipped with gyroscopic stabilization system (with digital direct drive tracking systems and torque motors) eliminating the influence of such external factors as rolling, vibration and ship movement. The dimensions of the antenna post allow its application on ships of any class.

Second modification of modernized antenna post

Basic specifications:
Operating angles ranges of axis pointing
Operating angles ranges of axis pointing:
- horizontal guidance axis (by azimuth (AZ))
- vertical guidance axis (by elevation angle (EA))

40 60 angular degrees
RMS error of target angular coordinates detection and delivery byazimuth and elevationno more than 1 angular minute
Maximum angular rate of antenna system by horizontal and vertical guidance axes90 angular degrees/s
Maximum angular rate of targets automatic tracking by azimuth and elevation40 angular degrees/s
RMS angular guidance and tracking error no more than 3 angular minutes
Power consumption at nominal voltage at the article input:
- from 27 V DC source, not more than
- from 220 V 400 Hz three-phase AC source

no more than 1.5 kW
no more than 4 kW
Weight no more than 700 kg


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