The TAD is an on-board system for reception of television signals from land-based transmitting centers. TAD consists of two slewing antenna devices with directional reception antennas installed on both sides of the ship.

The system provides stable reception from a land-based television transmitter while the ship is lying at anchor. After the ship stops, the operator points the system to the transmitting center. Depending on the orientation of the ship, the signal from the transmitting center can be received by either antenna, or both.

The TAD system on the patrol ship Yaroslav Mudry
The TAD system on the patrol ship Yaroslav Mudry

The TAD system was developed with strict requirements to protect it from external influences.

Basic specifications:
Operating angles ranges of axis pointing
Antenna turning rate10 2 angular degrees
Dimensions of the turnable antenna device with the antenna installed:
a) height
b) sweep diameter of the antenna
c) weight

1679 mm
2000 mm
85 kg
Immunity to external influences:
a) rolling (with the period of 1213 s)
b) pitching (with the period of 68 s)
c) yawing (with the period of 60 s)

20 angular degrees
15 angular degrees
5 angular degrees


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