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Admiralty Shipyards (St Petersburg) – The principal direction of work of the enterprise is design, production and modernization of civil and naval vessels of various types. 

Astrophysics (Moscow) – provides major system projects in the field of laser technology, designing and creating laser systems, systems and technologies which are unique in their characteristics and capabilities, including those that strengthen the national security and defense. 

Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise (RSIE) (Ryazan) – is one of the largest Russian enterprises – it is a leader in aircraft instrument-manufacture. 

Degtyarev Plant (Kovrov) – is one of Russia’s largest enterprises and the largest enterprise in Vladimir Region. 

Izumrud (Vladivostok) is the designer and manufacturer of the Bagheera system, the modified small-sized anti-aircraft artillery control system used on all classes of ships. Karat carries out a considerable volume and assortment of maintenance and repair work for the supplier’s products. 

Kontur-NIIRS (St Petersburg) – specializes in the development and serial production of equipment including meteorological and navigation radars, airborne information displays, avionics systems, and on-board interfaces for airplanes and helicopters. 

Tactical Missiles Corporation (Korolev) – is Russia’s largest developer and supplier of anti-ship, anti-radar and multipurpose missiles designed to fit airborne, shipborne and coastal tactical missile systems. 

Arsenal Machine Building Plant (St Petersburg) – is a leader in the field of fabrications and supply of perspective space vehicles for scientific, social and economic purposes. 

The Scientific Research Institute of System Engineering (St Petersburg) is one of the few companies in the world specializing in creating complex integrated aircraft systems. 

Vavilov State Optical Institute (St Petersburg) – Carries out fundamental and basic research into optics’ and photonics’ development as part of Federal Targeted Programs, in the framework of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research Grants, international scientific and technical programs and on the basis of self initiated research work. The center develops and manufactures samples of new devices for optical, optical-electronic and laser equipment under government contract, as well as for Russian enterprises and export contracts. 

RATEP (Serpukhov) – is a leading manufacturer of control systems for sea-based and shore-based air defense missile and artillery complexes. 

Severnaya verf (St Petersburg) – The main product line of the plant consists of ships. The shipyard has a vast experience in constructing cruisers, fleet destroyers, mine-sweepers, anti-submarine vessels and patrol ships. Research and passenger ships, timber ships, trawlers, container ships and RORO ships have all been produced at the shipyard. 

Severnoye Design Bureau (St Petersburg) – A leading company designing naval vessels. Furthermore, the company develops a range of projects for the merchant navy: dry cargo and research ships, tankers and trawlers. More than 550 ships and vessels with the total displacement of about 1.5 million tons have been built to the bureau's designs. 

Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding plant (St Petersburg) – Nowadays the enterprise specializes in constructing of mine sweepers of new generation with GRP hulls using the last developments in the detection, classification and destruction of mines. 

Beriev Aircraft Company (Taganrog) – the company develops and manufactures advanced seaplanes for various purposes. 

Tulamashzavod (Tula) – is one of the largest enterprises in Russia’s military industrial complex. It produces armaments for the army and navy. 

Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau (St Petersburg) was created on 22.09.1949 as SDB – 5 for designing long-range launches. The main fields of activity are designing of high-speed attack launches, air cushion landing ships, high-speed patrol ships and launches. It has created several generations of high-efficiency launches and ships. Since 1957, 386 high-speed missile boats and 3 generations of ships and more than 450 patrol boats have been built in USSR and abroad to CMDB's designs. 

Yantar (Kaliningrad) is a modern, growing enterprise, with sound experience in construction and repair of vessels and ships of different classes and purposes. The factory offers a wide range of product lines: commercial shipbuilding, military shipbuilding, metal fabrication, ship repairs and conversion of ships, shipbuilding of aluminum alloys, machine building and metal working.