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RES Novella

Radio electronic system (RES) Novella is intended for equipping naval aviation aircraft.

The system comprises the following:
  • High resolution radar system (radar);
  • Infrared and television system (Lannar-A) providing control and data reception via television and infrared imaging channels with gyrostabilization (of Karat manufacture);
  • Radio hydroacoustic system (RHS);
  • Magnetometric system (MMS);
  • Electronic intelligence system (EIS);
  • Command and tactical system (CTS).

The Novella RES is capable of detecting aerial, surface and submarine targets, control aircraft flight along set routes during searching and shape signals for dropping search and tracking facilities. The Novella RES enables the detection of aerial targets at a range of up to 90 km and surface targets at a range of up to 320 km. The system is capable of tracking up to 50 objects (surface targets).

The Novella-P-38 RES can search for shipwrecks and detect people in water from ships in distress with the use of IRTS.

The Novella RES is a multiprocessor system, whose systems exchange data among themselves and aircraft equipment via standard digital channels. The Novella RES comprises three multipurpose work stations (MWS) equipped with liquid-crystal displays and touch-sensitive control panels with replaceable reconfigurable panel. The multipurpose work station enables control of any selected subsystem, display of various data from the system on two screens simultaneously (if required, e. g. from television and infrared imaging channels) or control of two systems at a single work station.

The Novella RES is developed and manufactured by St Petersburg enterprise OJSC System Engineering Scientific Research Institute. Currently, the Novella RES is installed on IL-38 aircrafts of the Russiaís Ministry of Defense, while its export version, the Sea Dragon RES, is installed on the IL-38 aircrafts of the Republic of Indiaís army.